Why Daffee

Coffee impacts the climate and the climate impacts coffee
We all love coffee! But its production often leads to deforestation, posing a threat to our environment. As climate change intensifies, projections show that coffee production could be reduced by 50% in coming years, impacting coffee lovers and the industry alike.

Experience the impact of climate change as coffee farmers are forced to migrate, leading to irreversible damage to our rainforests. 

At Daffee, we're committed to addressing the sustainability challenges of the coffee industry. Through groundbreaking innovation, we provide a solution for future generations to savor the coffee experience from wasted date beans.

Daffee is revolutionizing the entire coffee category, offering grounds, single-serve capsules, beans, and cold brew ready to drink, all crafted without the need for coffee beans. 

Daffee Enhancing the Coffee Ritual with Sustainability

Daffee is not here to replace your beloved coffee ritual; instead, we seek to be a part of it. Our coffee is made a little differently, using upcycled date beans that undergo the same roasting and brewing process as conventional coffee. The difference lies in sustainability.

Daffee is proud to be the most sustainable coffee on the planet, reducing carbon emissions compared to conventional coffee production and using less water, as dates thrive in dry environments. Additionally, we utilize the wasted date beans, minimizing waste.
coffee cup from date seeds