Idea of Daffee

Rahaf had surgery for a stomach issue in 2013, and due to the post-surgery restrictions, she was missing out on crucial nutrients. After consulting specialists for a solution, she was advised to eat dates as they have a tremendous nutritional value.

Normally speaking, the beans of the date are wasted and thrown away, both by private consumers as in production processes. However, as Rahaf really doesn’t like waste, she kept the date beans and soon realized that they held a lot of benefits. She then decided to produce a drink from them, but because of the war and many conflicts in her native Syria, it seemed impossible to do so. Now, years later, she has made her dreams come true and launched Daffee together with Tamim in the Netherlands. 

Dates fruit

The journey began with the date fruit, which is used in over 70% of energy bars. Additionally, date syrup has become a popular alternative sweetener. However, this widespread consumption has led to the generation of millions of tons of wasted date beans.

Date Beans

Due to the lack of efficient investment opportunities for date beans, many factories choose to waste them instead of utilizing their potential.

Roasted Beans

The production process of Daffee closely resembles that of coffee. We utilize coffee roasting and grinding machines, but we add our own touch of magic to create a taste and structure that closely resembles traditional coffee.


With Daffee, you can enjoy the same ritual of coffee, from the rich taste to the inviting aroma, all while reducing your carbon footprint. Our commitment to sustainability means that every cup of Daffee helps protect the environment.

How to Prepare Daffee


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide all our customers with innovative coffee-like experiences that promote a healthy lifestyle while making a positive impact on the environment and combating deforestation. We are committed to reducing the food industrial waste through upcycled byproducts. By doing so, we offer these products at a fair price that benefits both our producers and our customers.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the market leader of the highest quality and most sustainable coffee substitute beverages and date products.

Our Values

High Quality and Excellence in Service
Sustainability and Responsibility
Fair Dealing with All
Integrity and Loyalty
Innovation and Creativity