What is Daffee?

Koffie van upcycled dadelbonen (dadel koffie) een duurzame en heerlijke koffie alternatief gezond, biologische, en caffeinevrij. Bevordert Daffee een gezonde levensstijl als cafeïnevrij product vol antioxidanten en vezels. Omarm een groenere keuze en geniet van het schuldvrije plezier van Daffee

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Our Story

Daffee results from Rahaf's effort during her master's degree in innovation from Santiago de Compostela University. Her eating behaviors her love for date fruits and her awareness about food waste created an opportunity for her future.

Our relationship had a special start. We met and got to know each other online, seeing each other only on video calls. Then we got engaged and married, also online, and it took 3 years before we could meet in person for the first time. Guess where we first hugged each other?

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